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Operations And Maintenance – Minerals, Metals and Alloys

At OEG we provide a comprehensive range of plant operations and maintenance services for our clients who seek seamless, low risk transitions to stable operations in order to secure and maintain a high return on investment. Our aim is to maximize efficient and safe plant operation and maintenance, and provide cost effective and sustainable solutions.

In Metals & Alloys Industry the volume and cost of the production are very important for profitable outcome. Operation & Maintenance is very critical part of this industry as it enhances the effectiveness of the plant. At OEG we believe Effective Maintenance and Physical Asset Management are key factors to achieve the clients’ requirement to the fullest.

Mining & Mineral processing facilities generate significant heat and corrosive gases that are treated, and then ultimately vented through large chimneys or smokestacks. Since Mining & Mineral facilities include many heavy wear processes,

OEG implements a pro-active maintenance & inspection routine to avoid downtime, prevent accidents which results in overall cost reduction.