South Ganga Waters Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

South Ganga is specialised in Water Treatment and Desalination Services and over the years has carefully drawn a specialised, highly motivated and uniquely experienced team with exclusive design, supervision, practical operation and maintenance and troubleshooting experience in Reverse Osmosis seawater Desalination and water treatment technologies.

South Ganga Waters Technologies

The owners of South Ganga are among the pioneers in the field of private desalination and have installed a 1 MLD desalination facility in Ramanathapuram District, Tamilnadu which has been operational from 2005. This facility supplies water to combined cycle gas based power plants in Ramanathapuram. Similarly in 2012, South Ganga has put up a 10 MLD sea water desalination Project in Tuticorin supplying water to all Industrial plants and Power Plants in Tuticorin.

All these projects are 100% owned by South Ganga. Our Philosophy is to address the water demand by supply through Renewable & Eco friendly water which we call Renew Water.

South Ganga waters technologies is a Group company of OEG. OEG – Operational Energy Group- is a large Operations and Maintenance company in Power Plants and Industrial Plants employing about 3,000 direct employees since 2002. For more info please visit the web site OEG INDIA


The water desalination has led to a new strategy for water supply, especially in areas with high water stress and with opportunities of abundant new alternative sources of supply (seawater and brackish). Desalination technologies allow greater savings and efficiency in water use, exploitation of resources that were unusable previously like the peculiar case of sea water, as well as a greater guarantee of supply in terms of availability and quality, particularly in areas with poor water resources. In these areas often merge several factors that greatly favor the use of desalination. Tuticorin is a clear example of this, as it has a large population, a shortage of the liquid element and a high demand for agricultural irrigation that conditions the availability and the need of new sources of high quality water.


South Ganga is a specialist in operating at ecologically sensitive areas such as biospheres without affecting the ecosystem life elements.

Tuticorin desalination unit is located at Gulf of Mannar Biosphere.The unique marine eco system of the Gulf of Mannar is one of the richest for bio diversity resources. It is well evident from the fact that more than 3,600 species of plant and animal life have been registered at the reserve. Dolphins, one of the most amazing sea animals, are a great attraction. The coral reef, flora and fauna are present in their virgin form here in the biosphere reserve.

Ramanathapuram desalination unit is located at Palk Bay.
The Palk Bay is a highly productive ecosystem, it has 302 species of marine algae , 580 species of fishes, 5 marine turtle species, 11 seagrass species and several species of mangroves.The resources available in this Bay such as mangroves, dense and widespread seaweed and seagrass beds and coral reefs, which support a plethora of marine organisms including phytoplankton, zooplankton, shellfish, finfish and other organisms.


  • Production of boiler feed water
  • Waste water Treatment

  • Water treatment for light industry (Car wash, Laundry)
  • Ground water remediation and recharge.
  • De-mineralization.

South Ganga offers unique one stop BOO, BOOT & customer centric solutions for water supply in India. We take complete responsibility from project design, environmental approvals, project supplies, insulation and operation of the sea water desalination plants and waste water treatment plants.