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Industry and Solutions – Fire Alarm, Detection, Fighting and Public Addressing Systems

OEG Fire Fighting team provides Specialised Turnkey EPC Solutions in Fire Protection & Detection, MEP Services for complete Industrial, Commercial and Residential Segments including Custom Built Fire Protection Systems. We bring together young and experience professionals from wide range of disciplines and encourages them to look beyond their domains to come up with innovative solutions. Our goal is to satisfy customers by serving them with Unique, High Quality, Cost Efficient services through efficiency and flexibility.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Wet and Dry, Deluge & Pre Action, Fire Pumps and Tanks, Foam Systems, Fire curtains, HVWS, MVWS Etc

Fire Detection Systems

Fire Alarm, Smoke Detection, Heat Detection, Linear Detection, UV/IR Flame Detection, Gas Detection etc

Fire Suppression Systems

Clean Agent Suppression Systems, Inert Gas Agent Suppression Systems, Kitchen Agent Suppression Systems, Marine Agent Suppression Systems, Co2 Agent Suppression Systems, Dry Chemical Agent Suppression Systems

Public Addressing Systems

Turnkey Solution and Integration of various PA System equipment with Speaker, Call Points, Buzzer, Console, Call Back, Two way communication, Amplifiers etc.