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Operations And Maintenance – Buildings and Factories

For most companies, maintenance represents a very significant function within the overall production environment. The developments in automation, and the resulting complexity of the systems involved, have made the reliability of the machines even more important. This is especially true in the process industry, characterized by expensive specialized equipment and stringent environmental considerations. Nowadays, with profit margins decreasing, the need for a good maintenance planning and control system is obvious. We at OEG Strives to bridge this gap by providing World class operation and Maintenance Service for your Factories and Building.

Your Benefits

  • Agree on the same goal: overall production efficiency (OPE).
  • Achieve the right joint focus: total reliability. There is revenue as a result of improved reliability. Improved reliability results in lower sustainable maintenance costs.
  • Solve problems: Do not classify production losses by department.

Other things you can do to promote the partnership are:

  • Include operators in basic inspections and essential care of equipment
  • Agree on guidelines for priorities of work requests
  • Communicate production plans
  • Create a joint shutdown schedule
  • MTBPL = mean time between production loss
  • MPL = mean production loss