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Operations And Maintenance – Cement

Cement Manufacturing is intensive & Complex process which involves precise planning and execution. It is dire need for Cement plants to have maximum plant availability and maintain critical spare parts to ensure smooth operation of plant. OEG offers to better manage the capacity of your assets and maintenance needs by incorporating best practices followed all over the globe.

We understand that every plant is unique and prefer a reliable service provider to take care of your requirements with flexibility that meets your financial expectations. OEG offer customers the flexibility and ease of parts needed for smooth operation of plant. The saving on operating costs of a cement plant is linked to the efficient running of equipment for longer time and avoiding unpredicted shutdowns.

We Operate and Maintain

Crushers, Roller Mills, Kilns, Silos, Conveyor Systems, Coolers, Separators Tube Mills, Electrical and Instrumentation Systems etc

Your Benefits

  • Inspections & preventive maintenance
  • Precise knowledge of the present condition of the plant
  • Efficient Resources planning plant stoppages
  • Damage Avoidance
  • Increased plant availability