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Operations And Maintenance – Process

Our knowledge and Expertise in plant and equipment O&M is diverse and includes experience across a variety of commodities, asset classes and geographies.

OEG provide a comprehensive range of plant operations and maintenance services to keep the ROI of customer High by lowering all types of Risk and creating a Tailor Made Solutions to our Customers

OEG Understands that maintenance represents a very significant function within the overall production environment. The developments in automation, and the resulting complexity of the systems involved, have made the reliability of the machines even more important. This is especially true in the process industry, characterized by expensive specialized equipment and stringent environmental considerations. Nowadays, with profit margins decreasing, the need for a good maintenance planning and control system is obvious

In process plants, improving overall efficiency and lowering costs are vital for profitable operations. To accomplish these goals, OEG offers dedicated operations and maintenance personnel to identify potential problems and respond quickly in order to keep the plant running as smoothly and efficiently as possible and also OEG has carved niche for itself in the O&M market.


Our operations and maintenance teams are not only limited to simply identifying problems and fixing equipment breakdowns—they work together to increase efficiency, minimize downtime, and extend the life of the plant’s equipment. The integration of maintenance data and associated methodologies into an asset management system has created a successful foundation for operations and maintenance teams to meet these challenges.

The ability to meet the needs of our customer entirely on the quality of the individuals performing work combined with a well-organized action plan. We place extreme importance on employee selection, training, team building and motivational programs assure the quality of personnel and that they work as a team. Our action plans are pre-established and proven but are continuously evolving as we find more cost effective ways to complete our tasks.

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