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Operating, Maintaining and Generating Power

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Operations And Maintenance – CPP

Captive Power plants are operated in wide range of Industrial Facilities for Power Generation. The plants may operate in grid parallel mode with the ability to export surplus power to the local electricity distribution network/for their own consumption.

Large industrial facilities have set up captive power generation to mitigate the effect of Electricity Tariff charged by electric utility, poor reliability of electric supply, forced outages, long power cuts, etc.,

OEG Specialize in Operating and Maintaining the CPP’s with the vast knowledge base. And has one of the largest portfolios in O&M in India.

IPP as Co-Gen – Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

The plants may operate in grid parallel mode with the ability to export surplus power to the local electricity distribution network. Alternatively they may have the ability to operate in island mode; i.e. independently of the local electricity distribution system.

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Benefits of captive power plants

  • Security of power supply and resilience through self-generation
  • Reduced costs through high fuel efficiency, particularly when in CHP configuration
  • Improved environmental performance resulting from fuel efficiency


Faced with rising power costs and uncertainty over supply, cement companies have been investing in captive power plants, also more than the saving on power costs, captive power plants ensures that the cement companies get uninterrupted power supply.

We have prowess in Operation & Maintenance of Captive Power Plant and this has been appreciated by our Clients and which is a testament to our achievement. Our commitments towards safe execution and the value we bring to projects, ensures complete satisfaction of our Clients.

OEG has been at the forefront of Captive Power Plant Operation& Maintenance for more than a Decade. Our portfolio of over 233 MW of CPP projects spread across India.


Chemical & Fertilizer production is a highly energy-intensive process and fertilizer plants operate continuously year around. Continuous up gradation of technology and equipment, and adoption of improved and maintenance practices by OEG have ensured the operation of these plants all year around.

Availability of quality power and reliability of electricity systems also play important role in ensuring that there is no forced shutdown of a fertilizer plant on this account. OEG ensure that the Chemical & Fertilizer companies get uninterrupted power supply.

Oil and Gas

Exploration and Production of oil and gas is a technology intensive business and the advantages of captive power generation include reduced distribution and transmission losses, and higher thermal efficiency. Expansion of petrochemical refining capacity in Middle East on account of regulatory inclination to augment manufacturing sector output to cater growing domestic demand in automotive and construction applications is expected to fuel captive power generation market in the near future.

Metals and Alloys

High consumption of electricity in utility for steel manufacturing plant has forced manufacturers to establish captive power generation plants in the vicinity. The burgeoning rise in electricity prices in aluminum manufacturing has played an important role in increasing importance of captive power generation and also to meet its growing power requirements and reduce dependence on the State grid.

OEG has been at the forefront of Captive Power Plant Operation & Maintenance for more than a Decade. Our portfolio of over 600 MW of CPP projects spread across India.

Pulp and Paper

The pulp and paper industry in general is highly energy intensive, consuming energy in the form of power as well as fuels. Due to shortages in energy availability and increase in energy cost, energy conservation has become a necessity in the paper industry

Pulp mills recover a significant portion of energy from burning waste materials and by-products of the process in power boilers. Materials such as bark, wood waste and dried sludge collected from effluent treatment systems may be burned to provide steam to power electrical generators. Captive power plant provides self-sufficiency and keeps cost under control as power is a key.

OEG has been at the forefront of Captive Power Plant Operation& Maintenance for more than a Decade. Our portfolio of over 1500 MW of CPP projects spread across India.